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Fiverr and Network Marketing - Our Review As A Buyer of Fiverr Services


What's Fiverr?

Fiverr is a web site that hosts all types of business and non-business services, with a huge number of what we'll call "micro-pay" entrepreneurs, each touting the things they can do for you to get a tiny five bucks. Everyone commences with the same price - 5 bucks. Hence, a "Five-er." A career (a "gig" as they refer to it as) for only five bucks? Seriously?

Fiver Reviews

Just how can anyone do something that will take time and charge 5 bucks making any substantial take advantage an endeavor like that? And, how can that help a network marketing business?

Well, thanks for visiting the shrinking world of commerce and the Internet. Rapid answer is Fiverr is not only a valid source of labor with a rock-bottom price, but it is an opportunity for all network marketing business owners because it is built on the same concept as an online network marketing business - the law of large numbers will help you make money if you work it right. Equally as important could be the opportunity to link and meet up with new business owners you'd never have met without this platform, and that alone is worth looking at Fiverr as more than only a place to spend five dollars.

To fully get the grasp of Fiverr, we viewed Fiverr from two angles, because we've used both sides - as a buyer of services, and as a provider of services. This article addresses using Fiver as a buyer.

First, an instant look at Fiverr the website:

Who Dreamed Up Fiverr?

Fiverr is the best example of where someone with a brilliant idea meets the world wide web head-on and creates a winning situation for both buyer and seller. At $5 a gig, you actually can't complain of your expensive experience! Fiverr is a simple concept when you can get past the onslaught of advertisements out of Fiverr entrepreneur who is offering services. There are many pretty amazing statistics about Fiverr:

 Fiverr was founded a mere four years ago by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman. A blog written by Micha over a year ago, indicated at that time, 1.5 million people use Fiverr to acquire and sell Gigs and several millions more check out the site every month. Fiverr members come from more than 200 countries and sellers offer over 1.8 million Gigs in 120 different categories. A Gig is purchased every 6 seconds. Clearly 12 months later, those numbers have become.

 Alexa ranks Fiverr (as of 2/14/15) because number 349 most popular site globally, and number 370 in america.

 Fiverr has generated over 3 million "gigs" (the word they use for jobs), When you consider many Fiverr sellers make not just the $5 base (because you rise in the number of gigs done, you can charge more) it can be clear this is a money making machine for not merely the founders, but if you are successful, being a seller.

So, exactlty what can you get on Fiverr? Well, a LOT - Here are the principle categories:

Graphics and Design - Cartoons & Caricatures / Custom logo / Illustration / eBook Covers & Packages / Website design & UI / Photography & Photoshopping / Landing Pages / Flyers & Brochures / Business Cards / Banners & Headers / Architecture / Presentation Design / Other

Website marketing - Social Marketing / Fan Pages / Get Traffic / SEO / Bookmarking and Link / Article and PR Submissions / Marketing with video / Other / Blog Mentions / Keywords Research / Web Analytics / Domain Research

Writing and Translation - Copywriting / SEO Keyword Optimization / Creative Writing & Scripting / Translation / Transcripts / Website Content / Pr announcements / Resumes & Cover Letters / Speech Writing / Proofreading & Editing / Reviews / Other

Video and Animation - Commercials / Editing & Post Production / Animation & 3D / Testimonials & Reviews by Actors / Intros / Stop Motion / Puppets / Other

Music and Audio - Audio Editing & Mastering / Jingles / Songwriting / Music Lessons / Rap Music / Hip-Hop Music / Custom Songs / Sound Effects & Loops / Custom Ringtones / Voicemail Greetings / Narration & Voice-Over / Other

Programming and Tech - WordPress / Web Programming / Mobile phone applications & Web / Website Builders & CMS / Convert Files / Ecommerce / User Testing / QA / Databases / Desktop applications / Data Analysis & Reports / Support & IT / Other

Advertising - Hold Your Sign / Flyers & Handouts / Human Billboards / Pet Models / Banner Advertising / Radio / Music Promotion / Outdoor Advertising / Other

Business - Investor business plans / Career Advice / Market Research / Presentations / Marketing assistant / Legal Consulting / Branding Services / Financial Consulting / Business Tips / Other

Other - Lifestyle / Gifts / Fun and Bizarre

Buying on Fiverr - Exactly what do You Buy, And How Should you do It?

Buying on Fiverr is not hard. From the list above, you can observe buying something over these wide categories isn't an issue. For Fiverr buyers, this is a great thing - there are numerous possible entrepreneurs offering you what you want, it is a few finding someone that has a sharp advertisement or whose description of the items and how they'll do the thing you need is better than most. You should have almost unlimited choices.

That can be good, consider this - there are three primary categories that Fiverr has put in place when buying a gig. There Fiverr members in a "High Rating" category, members in a "Recommended", category, and finally the "newbies" in the "New" category.

While there certainly must be a way to categorize those offering services, this "class distinction" we almost felt was border-line discriminatory until we looked at the sheer numbers of individual gigs to be had. Fiverr had to come up with a way to delineate "newbies" vs. more experienced members.

On the day we had arrived on the site researching Fiverr, whenever we typed in the phrase that starts every single Fiverr gig - "I will", it was the result:

High Rating - All Categories - 63,741 Recommended - 215,861 New - 52,731.

That's a total of 332,333 individual gig choices! If you think about that each web page you can view when you get results is often 6-10 gigs on a screen (taking into account the size of some screens are small, many are large), at 10 gig views a screen, it could take you 33,234 screen scrolls to find out all the alternatives! At say, Ten seconds per screen to ascertain if any value was perceived, that could be 543 hours, or a bit over 3 weeks to see all the choices! Clearly, you should have no problem picking from this type of large universe of sellers.

The key hurdle you will have being a Fiverr buyer will be to pick the best qualified seller from this immense sea of Fiverr members. It isn't as daunting as it sounds. You'll have to scan just a handful of sellers to understand to look for in an experienced seller. Internet site a video? What is their turnaround time? How is it ranked and have they got positive testimonials? After several minutes, you will get a feel for what to look for.

When we purchased gigs, we sometimes spent more than just the $5. Why is that? Well, technically, which is all we were forced to pay. However, the jobs that were done for us were done quickly, efficiently and that we paid extra to own that happen - as opposed to a 3 day turnaround, we made a decision to pay another $5 to get a one-day turnaround. In one case, we wanted some "bells and whistles", so we dropped another $10 for your gig. Those extra features are offered through exactly the recommended and highly ranked sellers.

NOTE: If you think about that our average ticket was $10, where there have been over 3 million gigs completed, that equals 15 million in revenue - pretty solid! The truth is, it's pretty certain there a lots of sellers on Fiverr who routinely get even more than $5, so you have to conclude Fiverr has established a very profitable niche indeed. This solid financial performance we believe bodes wll for Fiverr continuing as a major player within this growing market of "subcontractors."

Once you see a Fiverr provider you like, you simply send a message by email through Fiverr, or perhaps pull the trigger depending on their description making a purchase for $5. The give and take and communication on Fiverr between seller and buyer is very fluid and similar to any good transaction-driven site, so we've never found a problem when ordering, adding extras with a gig, and finishing the transaction. You can then offer "tips" if the project was good, plus testimonials can be left. And need rest, it is not unlike an E-Bay environment - a buying community with posted results

Some buying tips: You can look at all the categories from "high ratings" to "new", and you can see the number of gigs processed and comments and rankings equally as on eBay, or Elance, or numerous internet sites where services are offered. Go with the experience of anyone, and let your instinct guide you. Ask questions through Fiverr for the seller and your buying experience needs to be a good one.

Now one angle which is we do want to emphasize - you can find network marketing services which are valuable that can be purchased on Fiverr. You can purchase back links, you can have link wheels constructed, you can have blog content written, you will get SEO keyword phrases researched, you'll have video scripts build, you will get videos made, simply speaking, there are valuable network marketing "nuts and bolts" that can be purchased in the Fiverr members that may really help your network marketing business.

Post by fiverr3z (2016-02-13 04:53)

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